How Mash Ups have Mashed Us

If you have come out to see one of Lost Wax’s public shows lately, you might have noticed that we have unabashedly embraced the “Mash Up” philosophy as what sets us apart from other bands.  For me, coming up with the names for our new mashes has been almost as enjoyable as creating the structures and tracks. For instance:

Macklemiley – The rhymes from Ceiling Can’t Hold Us over We Can’t Stop.  This is my way to not feel so embarrassed about playing Miley Cyrus.

Bruno’s Bottles – Message in a Bottle over Locked out of Heaven.  Right away I felt like that song had to have been influenced by The Police (one of my all time favorite bands).  Then I saw Sting sit in with Bruno Mars on an awards show and my suspicions were confirmed.

Bittersweet Symphjayz – Bittersweet Symphony and Dirt off your Shoulder. Somehow, Jay Z’s Dirt off your shoulders works incredibly well over The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony.  And I love watching people’s faces when the hook starts in.

Holy Gorilla – Holy Grail by JT and Gorilla by Bruno Mars – This is my favorite one we do at the moment. It originated as a special birthday present for Lyndsey Lou who had been bugging me daily to add “Gorilla” to the set for her to sing. 

I’ll go ahead and save you all the nerdy names we have and get to the real point of the blog, which is this: Lost Wax has spoiled the way I listen to and enjoy music.   Because of the mash up mind-set we have now grown into, I have begun listening to music in a new and annoying context.  Instead of hearing grooves, melodies, tones, lyrics, and all the things that make music great; I now only hear pirated progressions and marauded melodies.  When Get Lucky became the quintessential cover band song of 2013, I didn’t think along the lines of how to play this song and sound like Daft Punk, but instead couldn’t help but to hear all of the different songs that would fit over that chord progression. Lost Wax currently does Billy Jean, All Night Long, KIDS, and Never Gonna Give You Up over the Get Lucky structure… and we could do so many more if we really wanted to showcase our musical A.D.D.  But listening to the radio these days has become a way different experience for me.  When I hear a new song come on, all I hear is what song it reminds me of, what artist they stole that from, and immediately begin to think how I plan to use that in a Mashup.  And since I can’t blame this sickness and cynicism on getting “old” (which I’m not), I choose to blame Lost Wax.

-CDBEATS 2.17.14